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My vision on design - What is my drive?

Our society is in the thick of the information age, where products and systems are interwoven into our daily lives. The rapid technological developments enables systems and products to address challenges with high levels of complexity. Our growing society faces many challenges that require solutions that go beyond  functionality. Nowadays, innovations evolved to empower people to create their own experiences and uncover new (or changing!) meaning in products and systems.

In my design practice, I like to explore the role of human values in technological products for well-being. By applying UC methodologies, specifically Empathic Design (Kouprie and Visser, 2009), throughout to the design process, I investigate the perception and meaning of products in the user’s lifeworld, for example as with Handige Beestjes and KONO. Equipped with an understanding attitude and developed socio-cultural sensitivity, I engage with users and stakeholders in the design context.

Technology enables me to create smart and connected products that can play an active role in achieving new (care) solutions. With the technological progression to­wards the Internet of Things, products will play a bigger role in our connection with and to each other. Technology is at a point that itself is not the primary function but rather a conduit between person-to-person connection. As de­signer this offers me handles to explore how products can fulfill a meaningful role in our daily life.

Design projects involving personal well-being and health care, are areas of interest in my educational tracks and future job. Products and ser­vices related to care often inherently engage with human values which enables me to further explore my design vision in practice.

My professional identity

My curiosity has always led to me breaking apart products to make sense of their inner workings. Since my high school years I have always envisioned being an ‘inventor’. I was sad to find out this is not an existing job description. Then I came across a lecture of an industrial designer which made me realize design comes pretty close .

Through my studies I have been described as active, strong opinionated and team player which is reflects in my attitude and design process. By looking at possibilities rather than problems, I often can play an inspiring role as team member. Besides this, I create a good atmosphere in the team and value all team member’s individual qualities and work. Throughout the design process I will ask analytical-critical questions, even about the most trivial of things to ensure quality and incite reflection.

I tend to kickstart by making and exploring while reflections provide thinking to support the process. User perspective and value is one of the main driver in my design approach. I explore in hands-on with prototypes and mock-ups and have tenacious eagerness to keep learning. I followed Skillslab Master Classes Develop your Network, Academic Writing, and Negotiating skills to improve these professional skills.

"Design has the capability to emphasize the importance of human values."

'I have always envisioned being an inventor - design comes pretty close.'

"A moment where an elderly woman totally lit up and became active when using our prototype AMY. These reactions are the reasons for me to design for well-being and healthcare solutions!"

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